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This deviation was deleted

At first, I thought this might be a woman leaning against a mirror, seeing a different version of herself; then I saw that the red dress was positioned differently than the other one and it took on a different meaning entirely.

The strong reds, bleeding bright in the shadows and deepening close to her body, paired with the way she looks over her shoulder at the other woman, makes her feel superior. She isn't being compassionate to the tears of the woman in the black dress - is she the public face, the sister, the friend, the enemy? Possibly all of the above, all contained within one person. There are so many ways to interpret a picture like this, I won't try to list any more. But let it be said, you've aroused my curiosity about them as characters enough to momentarily forget I'm looking at a picture, and that's quite a gift. They live and breathe.

The use of color here is especially interesting, and if I were to suggest anything for future pieces, it would be to push this use of color even further. For a piece done out of boredom, it seems very inspired.
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SereArt Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank's a lot for your critique on this piece, i really appreciated how you tried to look -not inside the Drawing- but inside of the characters. This critique is absolutely fair to me. Thank's for the suggestions.
RipleyNox Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Professional Writer
'Twas my pleasure!
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