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This deviation was deleted

Some very powerful imagery! We're right there with her, empathizing all the way. Who is it that hurt her? Why? You don't need to answer the questions, because that longing for more is exactly what leads the reader into wanting to help. We feel her physical pain and a brief glimpse into something deeper with "I don't want to look at my face anymore". We aren't asking for clarification about the scene or any technical aspect. She lives and breathes. Well done.

My critique is more along the lines of editing. This poem needs a stronger opening. Experiment with shifting the lines around. For example, starting with "Why didn't I take off my makeup before I went to bed?" Followed by "I've been sobbing...", then the second stanza, then the closing. Think in terms of painting the picture in a way that draws the reader in and maintains flow all the way to the last line.

In future pieces, try to explore different types of pain. She's hurting, looking away from the mirror. But is she angry? Humiliated? Guilty? There are so many ways to emote an victim of abuse, and each one will make the reader have an opinion about what she should do - in effect, making her story continue in their minds.

Good job!
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divafica Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much! :love:
I've made a few small changes according to what you said, but I'll pay more attension and change it more sometime.
RipleyNox Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Professional Writer
It was my pleasure! It's a good piece.
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